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First Intervention Ghana undertakes key activities that promote the health, social and community development of our target communities, protect them and offer basic life care services for the target communities. This is expected to increase the life expectancy, reduce infant mortality, and improve maternal health of our target communities and thereby enabling them to overcome the fears that drive them into bondage

First Intervention Ghana is an entirely customizable experience, and we pride ourselves on our tailor-made, life-changing programs and projects covering:


We work with: First Intervention Ghana works closely with foreign voluntary and charitable organizations, companies, universities, schools & colleges, youth groups, individual philanthropist, and churches. Over the periods, First Intervention Ghana has received support from various partners for various projects and programs in Ghana.


Volunteering on a Medical Project in Ghana is a very useful preparation for a career in Medicine, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Midwifery, Dentistry, Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy. We have placements to suit people of all levels of qualification and experience.

All volunteers receive the same unrivalled support from our team before you leave home and in your placement. We will work with you to find a placement that suits your level of experience.

When you arrive in Ghana we will meet you from the airport and give you a comprehensive induction of your local area, including settling you in at your host family or accommodation and showing you around the area.

Once you start work we will meet regularly with you and your project supervisor, and First Intervention Ghana staff are always available throughout your stay.

Volunteering in Ghana on a Medicine project is an ideal way to gain work experience whilst often helping some of the neediest people and poorest resourced medical institutions.

Choose to volunteer in Ghana with us on a Physiotherapy placement and you will put on a great deal of work experience, as you provide support to your colleagues in Ghana.

If you want to take up a voluntary placement in Ghana as a nurse or a midwife, we have a massive number of different opportunities available.

Volunteering in Ghana on one of our Dental placements is a incredible way to put on practical experience in dentistry field.

Occupational Therapy students traditionally have a great deal of variety in the placements they do during their studies.

First Intervention Ghana offers voluntary placements in Speech Therapy to volunteers who have completed at least a year of studies in speech therapy.

First Intervention Ghana has developed a Nutrition volunteer programme working with local communities to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Volunteers who wish to specialize in the community outreach aspect of our Medicine & Healthcare programmes can join a full time Public Health project or remote area medical outreach in Ghana.


First Intervention Ghana Teaching placements offer you the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of students in Ghana. With teaching projects in over 120 schools in Ghana, this is an exciting opportunity to provide valuable educational support, explore a new culture and put on international teaching experience.

Volunteers work alongside local teachers as an assistant, teaching students in primary schools, high schools or even those at university level. As part of our long-term development goals, you will be involved in helping to improve the learning environments for students in Ghana.

In Ghana, classes are often overcrowded. Your help is much appreciated, especially when it comes to giving students very important individual attention to support their studies.

Volunteers have quite a lot of options when it comes to Teaching in Ghana: including

  • Teaching IT
  • Teaching Music
  • Teaching English language
  • Teaching French Language
  • Teaching Mathematics
  • Teaching Physical Education/sports


As a First Intervention Ghana Care volunteer working with children in orphanages or care centers, you will be helping the kids to learn life-skills that parents would normally teach. By getting involved in the day-to-day running of the home - making sure children are fed, washed and dressed, and paying them personal attention - you will be making a really helpful impact on their lives.

There is at all times scope for any talents or interests you may have to be utilized. Arts, crafts and music are always popular activities and many care placements have outside areas where sports and games can be played.

Many volunteers also help to educate the children in personal hygiene and social skills.

Our care projects include the following:

  • Voluntary care work with people who have disabilities
  • Volunteering in day care centers, kindergartens and with street children
  • Orphanage volunteering
  • Walk a special needs kid to school


Some of the most important work that desires to be done in Ghanaian communities is setting up basic infrastructure. Helping communities through building lays a foundation that will allow locals to continue with your efforts even after your volunteer work in Ghana has ended.

Volunteer building is great for everyone aged 16 to 60+! These projects are for volunteers who are on summer holidays, a gap year from your education, or taking a career break and they run all year round. You don’t need any previous building experience, though you should be physically fit and willing to work hard in order to partake on these projects.

Our building projects really allow volunteers to be immersed in the host community. Volunteers work with locals to make sure these projects get completed and match the needs of the people they’re benefitting.

You may find that the way you’re used to working on building projects back home can be very different from this experience; the materials used are often more simple and there can be limited tools for construction. Additionally, work schedules may vary due to a hot or rainy climate, so a flexible attitude and a willingness to get involved when needed is essential.

Our building project can be taking up volunteer where he/she can raised funds to put a nursery building, clinic, urinal for school or renovate a dilapidated buildings in hospitals, clinics, schools or orphanage homes - such initiative you added to our ‘International Hall of Fame’.

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