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After school project. Reading project for kids after school

After School Project is a community based initiative under First Intervention Ghana as a way to create opportunities for our volunteers to engage with community based work. It is also a strategic initiative to cultivate a habit of reading among the children at the project community. 

FIG realizes that most of the kids at fishing communities where the parents are mostly fishermen and fish mongers who some are illiterates, do not get either enough time for the kids or do not know how to assist them in reading and with their home works, not to talk of others are kids might have difficulties in catching up in school.

After School Project combines games and gifts as bait to arouse the interest of these kids and get them unto the center and to teach them how to read, help them with their school home assignment and other areas they might have difficulties. With the involvement of local and our foreign volunteers together with the kids sit on the floor of the compound to do the reading, fun games and other educational activities as well. 


The kids are group into number of 10 with two mentors or volunteer teachers and where a profile is created for every child. Through the use of check-list or profile, every problem that the kids may have is addressed through their mentors or volunteer teachers as they update their profiles.

Our project will help 300,000 children to re/open the doors to further education.

It is an on-going event.


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